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Mission Statement

Mission Statement. Promoting responsibility and good sportsmanship in breeding, training and exhibition of THE GUNDOG BREEDS under the breed standards approved by the FCI. Our mission is to support new and novice gundog handlers...


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The GDCP Website uses cookies for various reasons as follows: – The GDCP Website stores cookies on your computer which is used during the registration process and to make sure you stay logged in...


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We are Gundog Club of Pakistan. Our initials are GDCP. Site is including all its sub-domains. You are a visitor to our Site. We try to keep all that we do simple but...



Question.   Who all can become member of GDCP? Answer.     Anyone keeping, breeding, showing or interested in any gundog breed can become a member of GDCP. Question.   What is the subscription fee for GDCP membership?...


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Please note that the privacy of our visitors at ‘GDCP Website’ is very important to us. At ‘’, we recognize that the privacy of your personal information is very important. Here is some information...