GDCP Members

Dear Gundog Keepers, Breeders and Exhibitors!

You can see the list of our members below. Due to the quality of events we are organizing for the fanciers number of our members are increasing with every passing day. If you are interested in joining the club feel free. CLICK HERE to see what to do next.

SerNameStatusMembership No.Joining Date
1.Col (Retd) K. M. RoyMemberGDCP-18-000118 August 2018
2.Nasir Ishaq MalikMemberGDCP-18-000218 August 2018
3.Farid Ullah KhanMemberGDCP-18-000318 August 2018
4.Waseem AbdullahMemberGDCP-18-000418 August 2018
5.Omer Asjad MalhiMemberGDCP-18-000518 August 2018
6.Web MasterMemberGDCP-18-000618 August 2018
7.Sumbal ShahbazMemberGDCP-18-000718 August 2018
8.Shaphan SamuelMemberGDCP-18-000818 August 2018
9.Lt Col Mustafa Abbas RajaMemberGDCP-18-000918 August 2018
10.Maj (Retd) Khawar AbbasMemberGDCP-18-001018 August 2018
11.Aqeel DanielMemberGDCP-19-001118 August 2018
12.Atiq Akram KhanMemberGDCP-18-001218 August 2018
13.Bilal AmjadMemberGDCP-18-001318 August 2018
14.Sheraz HussainMemberGDCP-18-001418 August 2018
15.Usama ShaukatMemberGDCP-18-001518 August 2018
16.Imran TitusMemberGDCP-18-001618 August 2018
17.Agha NehalMemberGDCP-18-001718 August 2018
18.Agha WaqasMemberGDCP-18-001818 August 2018
19.M. Yasir ButtMemberGDCP-18-001918 August 2018
20.Oliver DanielMemberGDCP-18-002018 August 2018
21.Salah UddinMemberGDCP-18-002118 August 2018
22.Abubakar RehmanMemberGDCP-18-002218 August 2018
23.Faheem AsgharMemberGDCP-18-002318 August 2018
24.Syed Mujtaba HussainMemberGDCP-18-002418 August 2018
25.Waseem AslamMemberGDCP-18-002518 August 2018
26.Raja Nouman YaseenMemberGDCP-18-002618 August 2018
27.Shabbir Ahmed KhanMemberGDCP-18-002718 August 2018
28.Moazzam WahgaMemberGDCP-18-002818 August 2018
29.Ali ZafarMemberGDCP-18-002918 August 2018
30.Zeeshan KhanMemberGDCP-18-003018 August 2018
31.M. Nasrullah KhanMemberGDCP-18-003118 August 2018
32.Ahmed WattoMemberGDCP-18-003218 August 2018
33.Ali Shabbar NaqviMemberGDCP-18-003318 August 2018
34.Muhammad AhmedMemberGDCP-18-003418 August 2018
35.Sardar Bilal Ali KhanMemberGDCP-18-003518 August 2018
36.Imran HussainMemberGDCP-18-003618 August 2018
37.Ahmed VirkMemberGDCP-18-003718 August 2018
38.Sharoon Rehmat UllahMemberGDCP-18-003818 August 2018
39.Kashif MehmoodMemberGDCP-18-003918 August 2018
40.Tariq MehmoodMemberGDCP-18-004018 August 2018
41.Nousher MaanMemberGDCP-18-004118 August 2018
42.Khurram Khurshid GillMemberGDCP-19-004218 August 2018
43.Jamshed WarraichMemberGDCP-19-004318 August 2018
44.Adeel LeoMemberGDCP-19-004418 August 2018
45.Noveen JohnMemberGDCP-19-004518 August 2018
46.Simon DeenMemberGDCP-19-004618 August 2018
47.Samad Khan BangashMemberGDCP-19-004718 August 2018
48.Antash SheikhMemberGDCP-19-004818 August 2018
49.Jahangir KhanMemberGDCP-19-004918 August 2018
50.Zain ButtMemberGDCP-19-005018 August 2018
51.Hassan MalikMemberGDCP-19-005118 August 2018
52.Maj Qasim QadriMemberGDCP-20-00521 January 2020

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