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Dear Gundog Keepers, Breeders and Exhibitors!

GDCP is a family of Gundog fanciers in particular and all dog fanciers in general. You are all welcome to join us. It is not necessary to be a member of KCP to become a member of GDCP. But if someone is a members of any club which is not an affiliate of KCP he cannot join GDCP.

To become a GDCP members please contact:-

  • Waseem Abdullah, Secretary
    • 03009666339
  • To Download Membership Request Form: CLICK HERE

Joining Fee is PKR 3000/- at the time of joining. Yearly subscription is PKR 2000/- per year.

Bank Account details of GDCP are mentioned below:-

  • Account Title: Gun Dog Club of Pakistan
  • Bank & Branch: Faysal Bank Limited, DHA Z Block, Lahore Branch.
  • Bank Account Number: 0462007900236765
  • Due Date for Subscriptions 2020: 1st January 2020
  • List of GDCP MembersCLICK HERE

Detailed instructions can be read in Constitution of the club. CLICK HERE to read the constitution.

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