GDCP Championship Show – 23rd February 2020 (Lahore)

Dear Gundog Keeping Friends!
Gundog Club of Pakistan (GDCP) is holding its 4th show of its show season. It will be a championship show in Lahore. Details are as follows:-

Date: 23rd February 2020
Last date of Entry: 16th February 2020.
Venue: Jilani Park, Jail Road, Lahore.
Start Time: 11:00 am Sharp (Issuance of show numbers will start at 10:30 am Sharp)
Ring Steward: Waseem Abdullah
Show Leader: Samad Khan Bangash
Show Coordinator
: Bilal Amjad & Shaphan Samuel
: John S. Thirlwell, UK
Show Entries: See the above banner.
Online Entries: CLICK HERE and Register to Continue..

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