Results – GDCP Championship Show – 12th January 2020

Judge: Paul Robinson, New Zealand
Ring Steward: Sheraz Hussain
Results Submitted By: Sheraz Hussain, Ring Steward
Results Compiled By: Webmaster GDCP

Best in Show

  • Name: Champion Ammy of TM Farms
  • Sire: Secret Wat to My Heart of LabGold
  • Dam: CH Melody Labs House BL Retriever by Diana at TM Farm
  • Date of Birth: 7th September 2017
  • Breeder & Owner: Nasir Ishaq Malik
  • Today’s Performance.
    • Excellent 1st in Champion Male Class
    • Best Male
    • Best of Breed (BOB)
    • Best Local Bred in Show
    • Best in Show (BIS)

Show Results

English Pointers

ClassNameGrading / PlacingOwner
Female PuppyWoodwoof’s Nile at Jack SparrowVery Promising / 1stJamshed Warraich
Female JuniorWood Woof KissExcellent / 1st / CC / WOW Female / BOBOmer Asjad Malhi
Female OpenWoodwoof FeuaGood / 1stSayyed Mujtaba Hussain Shah
Female ChampionCH Wood Woof GiftExcellent / 1st / Res WOW FemaleOmer Asjad Malhi
Female ChampionWeimpoint Must Bee the Art at TM FarmVery Good / 2ndNasir Ishaq Malik
Male BabyAston Jack SparrowVery Promising / 1stJamshed Warraich
Male PuppyWoodwoof’s NewtonVery Promising / 1st  Farid Ullah Khan
Male PuppyWoodwoof’s NightVery Promising / 2ndOmer Asjad Malhi
Male PuppyWoodwoof’s NoronVery Promising / 3rdOmer Asjad Malhi
Male JuniorBingoVery Good / 1stSamad Khan Bangash
Male IntermediateKroyo of WoodwoofExcellent / 1st / CC / Res WOW MaleRaja Noman Saqib
Male OpenJoy z Karczewsiej Zagrody at DandaoExcellent / 1st Res CCFarid Ullah Khan
Male Open93Excellent / 2nd
Male ChampionCH Larchwold Star Chaser at KanixExcellent / 1st / WOW Male / Res BOBOmer Asjad Malhi
Male ChampionCh Wood Woof HarryExcellent /2ndOmer Asjad Malhi
Male ChampionAM CH Perdizes De Brasilia Bristol of Fabello at TM Farm’sExcellent / 3rdNasir Ishaq Malik
Male ChampionCh Face z Karczewskiej Zagrody at StarlightExcellent / 4thShaphan Samuel & Maj Khawar Abbas Rizvi

Golden Retrievers

ClassNameGrading / PlacingOwner
Female OpenGolden Army’s May You Take to my Destiny at TM FarmExcellent / 1st / CC / Res BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Female ChampionCH. Nahiara Leon Del Cielo at TM FarmsExcellent / 1st BOBNasir Ishaq Malik

German Shorthaired Pointers

ClassNameGrading / PlacingOwner
Female BabyPeanut Jack SparrowVery Promising / 1stJamshed Warraich
Female Puppy90 KristinaVery Promising / 1st
Female PuppyDiamond’s AlenoraPromising / 2ndZain Butt
Male Puppy89Very Promising / 1st
Female OpenStella XXXV at Jack SparrowVery Good / 1stJamshed Warraich
Male OpenEliss CoowmcarogExcellent / 1st / CC / Res BOB  Umer Chattha
Female ChampionCH Polka Jack SparrowExcellent / 1st / BOBJamshed Warraich

Labrador Retrievers

ClassNameGrading / PlacingOwner
Female BabyPinewood’s EncoreVery Promising / 1stFarid Ullah Khan
Female BabyVimpi of Ashroo’sVery Promising / 2ndAqeel Daniel
Female BabyJazz of Schwarz WeaponVery Promising / 3rdAnoos Robin & Zia Ullah Khan
Female BabyWanda of Ashroo’sPromising / 4thAqeel Daniel
Female PuppyWoodwoof’s Morno at TM FarmsVery Promising / 1stNasir Ishaq Malik
Female PuppyWoodwoof’s MystryVery Promising / 2ndOmer Asjad Malhi
Female PuppyPinewood’s OmniaVery Promising / 3rdShahnawaz Khan
Female PuppyDiamond of Royal KennelsVery Promising / 4thChaudhry Ahmed & Chaudhry Muhammad
Female JuniorPride of De Monte BeastyExcellent / 1st / Res CC FemaleSharoon Rehmat Ullah
Female JuniorChanel of Royal KennelsExcellent / 2ndUmair Waheed Qureshi
Female OpenAnaesthesia of TM FarmsExcellent / 1st / Female CC / Res Best FemaleNasir Ishaq Malik
Female OpenApple Pie of TM FarmsExcellent /2ndNasir Ishaq Malik
Female OpenFirefly Way by SYL at PinewoodsExcellent / 3rdShahnawaz Khan barki
Female ChampionCH De Pinecan Pride of Luna at TM farmsExcellent / 1st / Best Female / Res BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Female ChampionCh. Supreme Labradors Nina at TM FarmsExcellent /2ndNasir Ishaq Malik
Female ChampionCh. Playful Team Tootsie at WoodwoofExcellent / 3rdOmer Asjad Malhi
Male BabyJack Sparrow of Schwarz WeaponVery Promising / 1stAnoos Robin & Zia Ullah Khan
Male PuppyWoodwoof’s MontyExcellent / 1stOmer Asjad Malhi
Male JuniorEdwan of JOHN Kennel aka LeoExcellent / 1stVasta Asim
Male IntermediateRachna’s Basco at Ashroo’sExcellent / 1st / Res CC MaleAqeel Daniel
Male OpenAlcazar of TM FarmsExcellent / 1st / Male CC / Res Best MaleNasir Ishaq Malik
Male OpenSunshine Life Honey Bear at DandaoExcellent /2ndFarid Ullah Khan
Male OpenLibra D’or Indiana Jones at DandaoExcellent / 3rdFarid Ullah Khan
Male ChampionCh. Ammy of TM FarmsExcellent / 1st/ Best Male / BOB / Best Local Bred in Show / BISNasir Ishaq Mailk
Male ChampionCh. Dragon Bellamare at DandaoExcellent / 2ndFarid Ullah Khan
Male ChampionCh. Love Maker Destroyer at TM FarmsExcellent / 3rdNasir Ishaq Malik

Show Level Awards

Pinewood’s EncoreBest Baby in ShowShahnawaz Khan Barki  Farid Ullah Khan
Woodwoof’s Morno at TM FarmsBest Puppy in ShowOmer Asjad MalhiNasir Ishaq Malik
Ch. Ammy of TM FarmsBest Local Bred in ShowNasir Ishaq MalikNasir Ishaq Malik
Woodwoof’s Kiss2nd Best Local Bred in ShowOmer Asjad MalhiOmer Asjad Malhi
CH Polka Jack Sparrow3rd Best Local Bred in ShowJamshed WarraichJamshed Warraich
CH. Nahiara Leon Del Cielo at TM Farms3rd Best in ShowLeon Del CieloNasir Ishaq Malik
Woodwoof’s Kiss2nd Best in ShowOmer Asjad MalhiOmer Asjad Malhi
Ch. Ammy of TM FarmsBest in ShowNasir Ishaq MalikNasir Ishaq Malik

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