Results – GDCP Championship Show – 16th December 2018

Judge: Dr. Gyorgy Tesics, Hungary

Ring Steward: Web Master

FCI Group 7
English Pointers
NameCat NoGradingPlacing
Female Puppy
Wood Woof Kaysa005Very promising1st
Wood Woof Kiss003Very Promising2nd
Male Puppy
Wood Woof Kanix008Very Promising1st
Male Junior
Wood Woof Harry009Excellent1st
Male Intermediate
Alcazar Brigadoon at Twilight010Excellent1st
Female Open
Weimpoint Must be the Art013Excellent1st
Weimpoint Nani Leilani012Excellent2nd
Male Open
Perdizes De Brasilia Bristol of Fabello at TM Farms017Excellent1st
Larchworld Star Chaser at Kanix015Excellent2nd
Joy z Karczewsiej Zagrody at Dandao014Very Good3rd
Female Champion
CH Wood Woof Gift019Excellent1st
CH Hana Z Karczewskiej Zagrody at Dandao018Very Good2nd
Male Champion
CH Rachna’s Andre023Excellent1st
CH Aspyre Counting Sheep Over Kiswahili at Rachna022Excellent2nd
Breed Awards
NameCat NoAwardOwner
Weimpoint Must be the Art013Female CCNasir Ishaq Malik
Perdizes De Brasilia Bristol of Fabello at TM Farms017Male CCNasir Ishaq Malik
Wood Woof Harry009Male Res CCUmer Asjad Malhi
Perdizes De Brasilia Bristol of Fabello at TM Farms017BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Weimpoint Must be the Art013Res BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
CH Rachna’s Andre023Local Bred BOBMuhammad & Babar Nasrullah Khan
German Shorthaired Pointers
NameCat NoGradingPlacing
Male Junior
Topdog Rumble025Excellent1st
Topdog Tiger026Excellent2nd
Female Intermediate
Topdog Coco027Excellent1st
Female Open
Lodon Nina at Topdog028Excellent1st
Male Open
Lodon Seth Over Rachna at Topdog029Excellent1st
Breed Awards
NameCat NOAwardOwner
Topdog Rumble025Male CCAbdul Wahab
Lodon Seth Over Rachna at Topdog029Res Male CCAbdul Wahab
Topdog Coco027Female CCAbdul Wahab
Topdog Rumble025BOBAbdul Wahab
Topdog Rumble025Local Bred BOBAbdul Wahab
FCI Group 8
Field Spaniels
Male Champion
NameCat NoGradingPlacing
CH Little Corporal Red at Twilight030Excellent1st
Breed Awards
NameCat NoAwardOwner
CH Little Corporal Red at Twilight030Best of BreedSumbal Shahbaz
Golden Retrievers
Female Junior
NameCat NoGradingPlacing
Annabella of TM Farms031Excellent1st
Male Junior
Puffins Vom Legends Burg032Very Good1st
Bruno Vom Legends Burg033Very Good2nd
Female Open
Golden Army’s May You Take Me to the Destiny at TM Farms034Excellent1st
Champion Male
CH smile Love Golden Age Season of Love037Excellent1st
Breed Awards
NameCat NoAwardOwner
Annabella of TM Farms031CC FemaleNasir Ishaq Malik
Annabella of TM Farms031BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Annabella of TM Farms031Local Bred BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Labrador Retrievers
Female Baby
NameCat NoGradingPlacing
Wendy of Brave Heart039Promising1st
Male Baby
Ringo of Carlos kennels041Very Promising1st
Ballu of Carlos Kennels042Very promising2nd
Female Puppy
Atlanta of Starlight043Very Promising1st
Rachna’s Amber at Maarshim045Very Promising2nd
Female Junior
Apple of TM Farms046Excellent1st
Rachna’s Becca050Excellent2nd
Soopertail’s The Queen of Spades047Excellent3rd
Maarshim Isabella051Excellent4th
Male Junior
Ammy of TM Farms054Excellent1st
Sherlock for Royal Kennels at TM Farms056Excellent2nd
Rachna’s Basco052Excellent3rd
Female Intermediate
Wood Woof Honey057Excellent1st
Male Intermediate
Soopertail’s Champ061Excellent1st
Sunshine Life Honey Bear at Dandao063Excellent2nd
Libra D’or Indiana Jones at Dandao062Excellent3rd
Rachna’s Trigger065Excellent4th
Empire MAAK Los Leones080Excellent5th
Female Open Class
Supreme Labrador’s Nina at TM Farms073Excellent1st
Rachna’s Black Beauty072Excellent2nd
De Pinecan Pride of Luna at TM Farms069Very Good3rd
Playful Team Woodstock at Oceanside078Very Good4th
Male Open
Hector of Ashroo’s Kennels087Excellent1st
Richbourne Standard Bearer at Dandao085Excellent2nd
Stronger Than Water Playboy at Dandao084Excellent3rd
Female Champion
Int CH Melody-Lab’s House BL Retriever by Diana at TM Farms088Excellent1st
CH Dandao Blue Mystery Madness090Excellent2nd
CH Boncasta Fortuna Star at Dandao089Excellent3rd
Male Champion
CH Warringah’s Gundaguy at Rachna J.W.096Excellent1st
CH Love Maker Destroyer at TM Farms093Excellent2nd
CH Dragon Bellamare at Dandao094Excellent3rd
Multi CH Dark Secret Sun in their Eyes at Pinewood092Excellent4th
CH Balrion Weathertop Conqueror at Dandao095Cannot Be JudgedDue to an open wound
Male Veteran
JCH Srb, CH Srb Snoopy’s Gang Titto at Wood Woof097Excellent1st
Breed Awards
NameCat NoAwardOwner
Ammy of TM Farms054Male CCNasir Ishaq Malik
Sherlock for Royal Kennels at TM Farms056Res Male CCNasir Ishaq Malik
Supreme Labrador’s Nina at TM Farms073Female CCNasir Ishaq Malik
Apple of TM Farms046Res Female CCNasir Ishaq Malik
CH Warringah’s Gundaguy at Rachna J.W.096BOB MaleMuhammad & Babar Nasrullah Khan
Ammy of TM Farms054Res BOB MaleNasir Ishaq Malik
Supreme Labrador’s Nina at TM Farms073BOB FemaleNasir Ishaq Malik
Supreme Labrador’s Nina at TM Farms073BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Ammy of TM Farms054Local Bred BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
Soopertail’s Champ061Res Local Bred BOBLt Col Raja Mustafa Abbas & Waseem Abdullah
NameCat NoAwardOwner
Perdizes De Brasilia Bristol of Fabello at TM Farms017Best in Show (BIS)Nasir Ishaq Malik
Topdog Rumble0252nd Best in ShowAbdul Wahab
Annabella of TM Farms0313rd Best in ShowNasir Ishaq Malik
Topdog Rumble025Local Bred Best in ShowAbdul Wahab
Annabella of TM Farms0313rd Best in ShowNasir Ishaq Malik
Ringo of Carlos kennels041Best Baby in ShowHassan Malik
Wood Woof Kanix008Best Puppy in ShowNasir Ishaq Malik

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