Results – GDCP Championship Show – 15th December 2019

Judge: Glen Vernon, Australia

Steward: Sheraz Hussain

German Shorthaired Pointer
Diamond’s Angel, KP-79457Puppy FemaleVery Promising, 1stNoman Yaseen
Diamond’s Alenora, KP-79458Puppy FemaleVery Promising, 2ndNoman Yaseen
Late EntryPuppy FemaleVery Promising, 3rdDetails Required
Late EntryPuppy MaleVery Promising, 1stDetails Required
Polka Jack Sparrow, KP-79753Intermediate FemaleExcellent, 1st Female CC BOB Res BOG 3rd Best in Show Best Local BredJamshed Warraich
Kana NKD at Diamond’s, KP-79453Open FemaleExcellent 1st Female Res CC Res BOBNoman Yaseen
Golden Retrievers
Late EntryJunior MaleGood, 1stDetails Required
CH. Nahiara Leon Del Cielo at TM Farms, KP78007Champion FemaleExcellent, 1st BOBNasir Ishaq Malik
English Pointers
Woodwoof’s Newton, KP79345Baby MaleVery Promising, 1st Best BabyFarid Ullah Khan
Woodwoof’s Night, KP79344Baby MaleVery Promising, 2ndOmer Asjad Mali
Woodwoof’s Kiss, KP78276Junior FemaleExcellent, 1st Female CC Best Female Res BOBOmer Asjad Malhi
Woodwoof’s Krissny at TM Farms, KP78277Junior FemaleExcellent, 2ndNasir Ishaq Malik
Late EntryJunior MaleExcellent, 1stDetails Required
Kroyo of Woodwoof, KP78274Intermediate MaleExcellent, 1st Male CC Res Best MaleRaja Noman Saqib
Joy z Karczewsiej Zagrody at Dandao, KP72536Open MaleExcellent, 1st Male Res CCFarid Ullah Khan
Perdizes De Brasilia Bristol of Fabello at TM Farm’s, KP77944Open MaleExcellent, 2ndNasir Ishaq Malik
Alcazar Brigadoon at Twilight, KP72778Open MaleExcellent, 3rdSumbal Shahbaz
Ch Weimpoint Must be the Art, KP77920Champion FemaleExcellent, 1st Res Best BitchNasir Ishaq Malik
CH Wood Woof Gift, KP72141  Champion FemaleExcellent, 2ndOmer Asjad Malhi
CH Face z Karczewskiej Zagrody at Starlight, KP33119  Champion MaleExcellent, 1st Best Male BOB BOG Best in ShowShaphan Samuel & Major Khawar Abbas Rizvi
Ch Wood Woof Harry, KP73295Champion MaleExcellent, 2ndOmer Asjad Malhi
Labrador Retrievers
Pinewood’s Encore, KP79308Baby FemaleVery Promising, 1stFarid Ullah Khan
Vimpi of Ashroo’s, KP79432Baby FemaleVery Promising, 2ndAqeel Daniel
Chief of Oyesters Kennel, KP79490Baby MaleVery Promising, 1stNoveen John & Suleman Noveen
Titto of CarlosBaby MaleVery Promising, 2ndHassan Malik
Woodwoof’s Mystry, KP79344Puppy FemaleVery Promising, 1st Best Puppy in ShowOmer Asjad Malhi
Woodwoof’s Morno at TM Farms, KP79342  Puppy FemaleVery Promising, 2ndNasir Ishaq Malik
Diamond of Royal Kennels, KP79178Puppy FemaleVery Promising, 3rdChaudhry Ahmed & Chaudhry Muhammad
Ulix of Ashroo’s, KP79426Puppy FemalePromising, 4thAqeel Daniel
Late EntryPuppy FemalePromising, 5thDetails Required
Woodwoof’s Monty, KP79340  Puppy MaleVery Promising, 1stOmer Asjad Malhi
Dexter of Lahori Kennel at Omega K9, KP78597Puppy MaleVery Promising, 2ndMobeen Herbert
Ashlane of Nathan’s Kennel at Omega K9, KP78586Puppy MaleVery Promising, 3rdMobeen Herbert
111 Late EntryJunior FemaleExcellent, 1stDetails Required
Dandao Latte, KP79172Junior FemaleExcellent, 2ndFarid Ullah Khan
Chanel of Royal Kennels, KP78582Junior FemaleVery Good, 3rdUmair Qureshi
Spitting Cobra of Labcity, KP78707Junior MaleExcellent, 1stShakeel Daniel
215 Late EntryJunior MaleExcellent, 2ndDetails Required
110 Late EntryJunior MaleVery Good, 3rdDetails Required
102 Late EntryJunior MaleGood, 4thDetails Required
Rachna’s Becca, KP73208Intermediate FemaleExcellent, 1stMuhammed & Babar Nasrullah Khan
Atlanta of Starlight KP73404Intermediate FemaleExcellent, 2ndShaphan Samuel & Salman Michael
Abbie of Oyesters Kennel, KP78257Intermediate FemaleExcellent, 3rdNoveen John & Suleman Noveen
101 Late EntryIntermediate FemaleGood, 4thDetails Required
Rachna’s Basco at Ashroo’s, KP73203Intermediate MaleExcellent, 1st Male Res CCAqeel Daniel
Rachna’s Rock, KP78364Intermediate MaleExcellent, 2ndMuhammed & Babar Nasrullah Khan
Anaesthesia of TM Farms, KP72809Open FemaleExcellent, 1st Female CC Best Female Res BOB Res BOGNasir Ishaq Malik
Apple Pie of TM Farms, KP72808Open FemaleExcellent, 2nd Female Res CCNasir Ishaq Malik
Firefly Way by SYL at Pinewoods, KP77918  Open FemaleExcellent, 3rdShahnawaz Khan
Woodwoof’s Holly at TM Farms, KP72663Open FemaleExcellent, 4thNasir Ishaq Malik
Supreme Kennel’s Juliet at Sharjah Kennels, KP26284Open FemaleExcellent, 5thJehangir Khan
Rachna’s Black Beauty, KP52300Open FemaleExcellent, 6thMuhammed & Babar Nasrullah Khan
Browny of Carlos Kennels, KP79754Open FemaleVery Good, 7thHassan Malik
Maarshim Faith in Love at Royal Kennels, KP29238Open FemaleVery Good, 8thUmair Qureshi
101 Late EntryOpen FemaleVery Good, 9thDetails Required
108 Late EntryOpen FemaleGood, 10thDetails Required
Sunshine Life Honey Bear at Dandao KP72667Open MaleExcellent, 1st Male CC Res Best MaleFarid Ullah Khan
101 Late EntryOpen MaleExcellent, 2ndDetails Required
Libra D’or Indiana Jones at Dandao, KP73134Open MaleExcellent, 3rdFarid Ullah Khan
Richbourne Standard Bearer at Dandao KP24682Open MaleExcellent, 4thFarid Ullah Khan
Diamond of Starlight, KP29053Open MaleExcellent, 5thShaphan Samuel & Salman Michael
Hector of Ashroo’s, KP29029Open MaleExcellent, 6thAdil Khan & Aqeel Daniel
Empire MAAL Los Leones at Sharjah Kennels, KP52502Open MaleExcellent, 7thJehangir Khan
Oliver of Ashroo’s, KP35566Open MaleExcellent, 8thSimon Dean
Soopertail’s De Mad Max, KP72846Open MaleExcellent, 9thShakeel Daniel
Soopertail’s Champ, KP72292Open MaleExcellent, 10thLt Col Raja Mustafa Abbas & Waseem Abdullah
Rachna’s Trigger, KP72583Open MaleExcellent, 11thMuhammed & Babar Nasrullah Khan
CH Supreme Labradors Nina at TM Farms, KP 52368  Champion FemaleExcellent, 1st Res Best FemaleNasir Ishaq Malik
CH Boncasta Fortuna Star at Dandao KP-28846Champion FemaleExcellent, 2ndFarid Ullah Khan
CH Dandao Blue Mystry Madness, KP-25942Champion FemaleExcellent, 3rdFarid Ullah Khan
Int CH Melody-Lab’s House BL Retriever by Diana at TM Farms, KP77946Champion FemaleExcellent, 4thNasir Ishaq Malik
CH Ammy of TM Farms, KP72810Champion MaleExcellent, 1st Best Male BOB BOG Res Best in Show Res Local Best BredNasir Ishaq Malik
CH Dragon Bellamare at Dandao, KP-29245Champion MaleExcellent, 2ndFarid Ullah Khan
CH Love Maker Destroyer at TM Farms KP52404Champion MaleExcellent, 3rdNasir Ishaq Malik
Best in Show
NameKP NumberAwardOwner
CH Face z Karczewskiej Zagrody at StarlightKP-33119Best in ShowShaphan Samuel & Major Khawar Abbas Rizvi
CH Ammy of TM FarmsKP-728102nd Best in ShowNasir Ishaq Malik
Polka Jack Sparrow, KP-797533rd Best in ShowJamshed Warraich
Best Local Bred in Show
CH Ammy of TM FarmsKP-728102nd Best in ShowNasir Ishaq Malik
Polka Jack SparrowKP-797533rd Best in ShowJamshed Warraich
Best Baby and Puppy
Woodwoof’s NewtonKP-79345Best Baby in ShowFarid Ullah Khan
Woodwoof’s MystryKP-79344Bestr Puppy in ShowOmer Asjad Malhi

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