GDCP Shows – List of Stewards

The GDCP is endeavoring to train its stewards for shows. Hence equal opportunity is given to all experienced and novice individuals to act as steward in the show ring along side reputed judges. This gives them confidence and exposure. In the following a list will be maintained of all the Stewards who have performed duties in GDCP shows.

  • Show Season 2018/19
    • GDCP Web Master, 16th December 2018, Lahore.
    • Bilal Amjad, 20th January 2019, Lahore.
    • Bilal Amjad, 24th February 2019, Lahore.
  • Show Season 2019/20
    • Khurram Khurshid Gill, 1st December 2019, Rawalpindi.
    • Sheraz Hussain, 15th December 2019, Lahore.
    • Sheraz Hussain, 12th January 2020, Lahore.
    • Waseem Abdullah, 23rd February 2020, Lahore.
  • Show Season 2020/21
    • Waseem Abdullah, 10th January 2021, Lahore.
    • Khurram Khursheed Gill, 31st January 2021, Rawalpindi.

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