Mission Statement

  1. Mission Statement. Promoting responsibility and good sportsmanship in breeding, training and exhibition of THE GUNDOG BREEDS under the breed standards approved by the FCI.
  2. Our mission is to support new and novice gundog handlers and owners in training their dogs, to raise standards in gundog breeding, training and fieldwork, and to promote awareness that gundog fieldwork is the perfect activity for all gundogs.
  3. Our FOUR principle mission goals are as follows: –
    1. Supporting experienced and new gundog owners.
    2. Raising breeding standards by good breeding practices.
    3. Promoting gundog field work.
    4. Unbiased and transparent show judging.
  4. Supporting Gundog Owners. Our mission is to support and encourage struggling and novice gundog trainers via the provision of training and handling sessions.
  5. Raising Breeding Standards. Our mission is to raise standards in gundog breeding, training and fieldwork throughout Pakistan by provision of training and handling sessions under professional trainers.
  6. Promoting Gundog Work. Our mission is to promote Gundog training and fieldwork as the ideal use for all gundogs, and to promote gundog fieldwork as the desirable aim for all gundogs.
  7. Transparent Show Judging. The club will ensure democratic selection of all show judges to ensure unbiased and transparent judging in all the events.
  8. Our additional aim is to increase the public awareness towards shooting sports in general.

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