Question.   Who all can become member of GDCP?

Answer.     Anyone keeping, breeding, showing or interested in any gundog breed can become a member of GDCP.

Question.   What is the subscription fee for GDCP membership?

Answer.     Membership fee is PKR 3000/- and yearly subscription is PKR 2000/-. That means on becoming a member a total of PKR 5000/- has to be paid. There after PKR 2000/- will be per year subscription.

Question.   Who all can show their dogs in the GDCP shows?

Answer.     All GDCP members can show their dogs in the GDCP shows.

Question.   What all types of events are being held by GDCP?

Answer.     GDCP holds conformation shows, cup matches and training sessions throughout the year. Filed trials will also be added in the list of events very soon.

Question.   Is GDCP as SECP registered body?

Answer.     SECP registration of GDCP is in process. When the registration is completed it will be updated on the home page of website.

Question.   What is the show schedule of GDCP?

Answer.     Please click events in the top menu to see the list of all GDCP events.

Question.   How can one become a member of GDCP?

Answer.     Anyone who desires to become a member of GDCP must send his credentials to admin on admin@gundogclub.pk. Credentials include Full name as per CNIC, Scan of the CNIC, mobile number, address and passport size picture. Admin will validate the data and will get approval from secretary of the club. After approval the membership will be approved and bank account details will be shared with the applicant via email for deposit of membership fee and yearly subscription. When everything is done membership card of the member will be sent via registered mail.

Question.   What are the rules and regulations of GDCP?

Answer.     Constitution of the club and the Code of Conduct are already available on this website.

Question.   Which all dogs can participate in GDCP shows?

Answer. All breeds from FCI Group 7 and 8 can participate in GDCP shows. Dog must be registered with KCP before taking part in any GDCP event.

Question.   How to contact the club management?

Answer.     Send your queries on admin@gundogclub.pk or secretary@gundogclub.pk. All queries will be answered to the satisfaction of the senders.

Question.   Is GDCP an independent body?

Answer.     GDCP is an affiliate of KCP. The club follows its own constitution to run its affairs. Its shows are sanctioned by KCP.

If you have any question which is not already answered above, please send your query to admin on admin@gundogclub.pk.

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